July 28, 2009

Hands Off Joe Biden!!

For some time now, many in the state run media and even many conservative pundits have been pontificating on the musings of Joe Biden, our current Vice President. One thing that no one can say about Joe, however, is that he is secretive. When the latest democrat primary was under way and Barack Obama began getting glowing media attention, who was the only democrat out there who was willing to admit...on camera...that the only reason he was receiving this attention was because he was a "clean, articulate black man"?
Yes, boys and girls, that was none other than Joe Biden. When we, as a nation, were concerned that we may not be sensitive enough to the plight of people from India in this country, who reminded us that you cannot go into a 7/11 in this country without a slight Indian accent? Yes, my friend, that was none other than Joe Biden. Think about it ladies and gentlemen, when the latest plague of our era, the swine flu, was lurking at our borders, and the government was ensconced in full 'calm the masses' mode; who stepped up to the plate to tell us that he wouldn't have any of his family ride buses or planes or trains for fear of contracting a contagious illness in the confines of a small transportational space? Yes, indeed, it was our friend in truth, Joe Biden. I ask you my fellow Americans, who was man enough to admit that Hillary Clinton, probably would have been a better choice for vice president than he himself? Yes, it was the insufferable Joe Biden. And finally, when President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton sought to 'reset' the relations between Russia and America, who reminded us that Russia has a withering economy, a shaky banking sector and are clinging to something that is unsustainable? You are learning, folks, it was our old compadre, Joe Biden.
So...please, all of you out there that tend to lean to the more conservative or libertarian point of view, PLEASE, lay off of Joe Biden! At least we know; he will tell us where the concentration camps are located!

by: Renay Thomas

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