April 4, 2019

God and Liberty. Indivisible.

         It is the nature of Man to be inquisitive, even suspicious. As our knowledge increases thus does our scrutiny. It is perfectly predictable, though often destructive. Hence we find ourselves in an age of unprecedented access to all sorts of knowledge accumulated by Mankind over millenia; yet ignorant and savage. How can this be? I submit to you that many people, especially those reclining upon the soft cashmere pillow of Western Civilisation, have come to believe that they are too smart for God. Furthermore, our distance from our Creator is darkening our souls, blinding our eyes and propelling us to unspeakable horror. Man, sans God, is unfit and incapable of sustaining his own Liberty let alone that of his countrymen. The very nature of Liberty is the virtuous protection and educated exercise of the Rights of Man gracefully provided by God. Without Liberty, Man will fail to reach the promise of God. Without God, there can be no Liberty.

         'I don't need a fairy man in the sky to live Free!' I can here the naysayers squeal. Actually, you do. Where many armchair philosophers fail in our time is that they confuse their own experience with that of Mankind as a whole. While one man may be able to live a virtuous and fruitful life without any faith or belief in a Creator; the vast majority of his species can not and will not. Whether such a man exists without any past underpinning of religiousity is a debate for another day. That Mankind as a whole is brutal and selfish in his natural state is indisputable. The kernel of truth the sofa scholar ignores is that without simultaneous and similar action by his fellow Man, particularly within his immediate location or Nation dare we say, his attempt at living Free will be aborted in it's infancy. The argument is and always must be, for Mankind to live together in larger groups and thrive and prosper, they must have an innate sense that they are intended to do so; that it is their nature to love each other and protect each other. This is not the nature of an animal, merely surviving in the jungle on wits that have coincidentally been exponentially enhanced above all other animals. This is the nature of a creature with a soul, created for a special purpose and place within the universe of all things.

          The hubris of the man too smart for God will not likely be swayed by the argument of Man. But Nature is a cruel teacher; nay a serial killer. She has no compunction for smiting the arrogant narcissist. Unfortunately, the collateral damage of an ignorance that permeates near half of a society is as undeserved as it is sure. Tragically, this ignorance is fermented within our very institutions of higher knowledge. The laziness and faux tolerance of the silent majority in America has allowed our vaunted institutions to be infected with the virus of Marxism to an extent that may not be reversible. It is a self-fulfilling suicide pact. The people necessary to change the system are the very tenured people who benefit from same. They will not change without force. Why should they? They don't believe in Liberty. They don't believe in God. They are blinded by hate and an emotional ideology that is fueled by the self-gratification of virtue signaling. Future generations are doomed to self hate, self loathing and perpetual indignation over life itself. Without forgiveness, a religious construct, they will ever be trapped in their nihilism.

           I typically like to end an article with the positive. I am in fact a positive man. I have always had great faith in humankind specifically Western Civilization. However, here we stand where that very concept is under attack, not by some savage external force (they are there as well, but less of a real threat), but by our very neighbor and fellow citizens. This will not end well. It will not reverse itself. It will get MUCH worse before it gets better. Our latest national election was a respite, but only temporary. Do you really believe that there is another Donald Trump in the wings ready to carry on the battle against the globalist forces of corruption, death and tyranny? We have seen how the soulless react to being rejected. They got more harsh, more angry, more violent and exponentially more evil. They now proudly stand on the bodies of dead babies and declare their superiority over anyone who doesn't believe that killing babies is a natural right. This will continue. They will get more shrill and vile if the righteous stand against their assault on all that is Good, Decent and Wholesome.

In the end, Good will prevail. It is God's plan and natural order of the universe. However, the road can and must be fraught with danger, chaos and tragedy. Dark Times are often followed by progress and prosperity. The generations doomed to the interim, have nothing to do but to piss on the graves of their ancestors for subjecting them to the unspeakable horror of relearning a known history. May God Bless.    

"The evidence of God is all around us in His creation." - unknown

by: Keith D. Rodebush

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